welcome to the future of debris management
  • The Equipter RB4000 is built to make your company more profitable.
    Drive-able. Raise-able. Tow-able. Dump-able. It goes where your hard-working roofers need it, so they can remove and manage debris faster and better. With the RB4000, you can save time and cut costs on every roofing job. Equipter owners report increased productivity of 25 – 30%. Plus, cleaner, quicker debris removal delights customers and leads to more referrals.
    Get more jobs. Increase your profits. Become the preferred roofing contractor. It’s all possible with the Equipter RB4000.

    See the RB4000
    in Action (watch video)
  • “The Equipter is very eye-catching for the homeowners. It impresses them every time.”

    -Rick Hinkle, owner of Master’s Roofing Inc.

  • “We did a 120 square 2 layer tear off in 4 days, about 40 to 50 square more than we would have done without the Equipter!”

    -Dave Minor, owner of Dave Minor Home Improvements

  • “We increased our profits by 30%…Every roofer should have one.”

    -Jim Boose, owner of Boose Roofing

  • “Homeowners like the Equipter very much…when people see how it functions, that’s what they want on the jobsite.”

    -Jeff Wildasin, owner of Wildasin Roofing