Built To Help Contractors Work Smarter Not Harder

Save time, decrease labor costs, boost productivity, and get more customers.

You can do it all with the Equipter RB4000. It’s a versatile construction and roofing tool like no other.

Tow it. Drive it. Raise it. Dump it.

Remove and manage construction and roofing debris faster and better. Make customers ecstatic and get more referrals.

The RB4000 is a cut above other residential construction and roofing tools.

Put it to work and revolutionize your business!



Increased Productivity

Contractors who use the Equipter RB4000 report increased productivity of between 25% and 30%.


More Jobs

They get jobs done faster, and can take on more jobs.


The result?

Lower labor costs and more revenue.

How Does the RB4000 Work?

It has unmatched versatility. The RB4000 is…


Just hook up the Equipter RB4000 to your truck as you would an ordinary trailer and haul it to your job site.


On-site, you can drive the RB4000 to wherever you need it. It’s a self-propelled trailer that moves around via a gasoline powered hydraulic drive system.At just 6’ wide and with a tight turning radius, the RB4000 can get into compact spaces where trucks and trailers dare not go. Its large tires provide superior traction while distributing weight evenly to help prevent leaving marks on your customers’ lawns.


With the Equipter RB4000, you don’t have to worry about hurting your customers’ landscaping while you work. Its rear extension roll-back feature raises its large container up and over shrubbery, flowerbeds and other property features. The container’s doors open to create a 10.5´ catch area so debris goes into the RB4000 and not onto what your customer holds near and dear.Even better, your hard-working crew will save time as they use the RB4000 to streamline debris removal and take supplies directly to where they need them.


The Equipter RB4000 doesn’t only make debris removal easier, it’s also a dump trailer that makes getting rid of scraps a breeze, too. After you’ve filled the container, just drive it to where you want to unload it. Then use its hydraulic tailgate to dump debris into a larger truck or trailer.

Ready to save time and labor, earn more referrals, and make more money? You can with this indispensable piece of construction and roofing equipment.