What comes down must go up

Equipter RB4000 Roofing Lift for Shingles in Raised PositionWe’ve talked a lot about debris removal and debris management elsewhere on this website. And, the Equipter excels at that, saving man hours and landscapes.

But, after the debris is out, it’s time to bring the new materials in, quickly and safely. Great news! The Equipter RB4000 can do that too, replacing a shingle elevator, shingle lift, or roof lift, mobilizing substantially higher weights of construction or roofing material to exactly where you want it, no huffing and puffing required.

Put Your Products Where Your People Are

The RB4000 literally can lift tons of shingles, plywood, or drywall over 11 handy feet into the air, quickly and conveniently. Plus, with its rear extension 4’ roll back feature, you can position the large container over landscaping to give you much safer and closer access to your materials.

You Can Pack Light

The Equipter RB4000 is both a self-propelled and towable trailer. At 6’ wide, it can fit into many tight spaces where truck and trailers cannot. This one piece of versatile and essential equipment serves multiple functions. You can leave your scissor lift, cherry picker, shingle elevator, or shingle lift, as well as a trailer and debris chute, behind. The Equipter RB4000 handles it all.

welcome to the future of debris management